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Visual and brand design

My passion within graphic design is breathing life into brands, events and products. Here’s a variety of visual identity projects from over the years. 


Luke + Wonder Productions  |  Los Angeles, CA
A full-service production house by Rosslyn Luke. Dedicated to telling stories that matter. Smart, passionate and unapologetically female-powered.

Pier to Pier Media  |  Los Angeles, CA
A film/video/photo production company by Brady Valashinas. Specializing in underwater and wildlife filmmaking. 

Tulip Fertility  |  San Rafael, CA
Tulip makes it easy to find an egg donor with an easy-to-use database of U.S. donors, education and coaching support.

Be the Change Mobile Library  |  Castro Valley, CA
A community library that provides youth access to books that teach beauty in differences, social-emotional learning and anti-racism.

Año Nuevo Ranch  |  Pescadero, CA
An event space in Año Nuevo State Park. 

While Odin Sleeps  |  Morgantown, NC
An ethereal jewelry studio for the elevated eclectic. Named for Odin, the main god in Norse mythology.

Crow Canyon  |  San Francisco, CA
The largest selection of hand-made enamelware in the world.  Family owned and operated since 1977. Helping sustainable feel effortless, functional and stylish.

Spotz App  |  Los Angeles, CA
An app devoted to helping people park their cars.

Mehiel Creative  |  San Francisco, CA
Personal branding